The Great Race is an invitation-only rally from Jacksonville, Fl to Traverse City, MI.  Last year had 137 entrants, with cars ranging from prewar Hudsons and Bugattis through 1950’s Studebakers to 70’s era Jensen Healeys.  This year’s route includes a promotional overnight stop in Franklin, IN so we’re organizing a short drive down to see the cars.  THE ARRIVAL TIME IN FRANKLIN FOR THE CARS IS 4:30, AND I CAN'T GET A RESPONSE ON HOW LONG THEY WILL REMAIN ON THE SQUARE SO THE NEW DEPARTURE TIME FROM SOUTHERN PLAZA IS 4:00PM.  We will drive down US31 to Franklin to see these fabulous cars, which will be parked on the main square.  Drive will happen rain or shine.  Contact Mike Roe ( with questions.

The Great Race Promotional Stop

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Location: Kroger at Southern Plaza, 4202 S. East St., Indy


​Web Link:    The Great Race